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Why can I not catch thunderous?

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okay so i have been chasing him forever!!! he has 2 hp, im using a 100 for best possible chances, but he always breaks out of my ultra ball right away. why?

asked Nov 3, 2011 by MyGameRules
retagged Aug 30, 2012 by Pokemaster
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1 Answer

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try a quick ball right away, it is your best chance at catching him having a 4x multiplier at the start. also, try using a pokemon with mean look to trap him in. get a pokemon with false swipe to get him down 1 more hp, then throw ultra balls for 15 turns, then after that, use timer balls. Patience is key.

answered Nov 3, 2011 by Saz
i caught it with my master ball and used a ultra ball on zekrom when he had 1 hp
Dont throw ultra balls.  Just throw poke balls.