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Why can't I trade my Genesect on the GTS?

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I wanted to trade it away, but after a minute a message would come up saying that this Pokemon cannot be traded. Then I looked to see if any other Genesect's were being traded away, but there were none. What's up?

asked Dec 17, 2011 by excadrill444

1 Answer

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That is because your Genesect is obviously Hacked, as it has been released yet. Hacked Pokemon can not be traded over the GTS.

answered Dec 17, 2011 by Speed freak
Ohhhhhh....Thanks =)
Yeah, I think the only reason they check to see if your Pokemon can be traded is so that you can't trade hacked Pokemon. Like if you had a Zekrom met anywhere other than N's Castle, or a Shiny Victini.