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How do I catch Entei in heart gold?

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What pokeball do I need to catch Entei?

asked May 12, 2010 by Rwilkins
edited May 12, 2010 by Pokemaster

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Enitie is fire type, so most of th neat balls don't help you. You need a fast pokemon with mean look or a similar move/ability so he can't run and then you can wear him down. When it has low enough HP, you could try to use ultra or dark balls (if at night, which I recommend) If you don't want to go through the trouble, just use your master ball. And of course, save before you try to find it.

It is hard! You need a lot of balls on you, but try not to give up!

answered May 12, 2010 by Fritjof
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You can use dusk balls if your catching entei at night. You can use ultra balls or fast balls. But you need a lucky throw.

answered Apr 13, 2011 by Aropro
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Just use a move like block or spider web then use as many ultra balss and dusk balls as you can

answered Apr 13, 2011 by xcaliber71
Then he uses roar
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I probably say this too much, but Mean Look it, False Swipe, then either Paralyze or put him to sleep for your best shot at catching this beast. Make sure you've got lots of Pokeballs/Great Balls/Ultra Balls on you when you attempt to catch him. I reccomend about 50+ of each when attempting to catch this behemoth.

If you're wondering how you can find him just use the sweet trick of going in and out of a town like Ecruteak and the Route below it while constantly checking your PokeGear to find out if he's on the Route or not. Might take a bit, but eventually he'll show up.

answered Apr 13, 2011 by tommified