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How are items taken from you in Black like the macho brace?

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I've been play B&W I was giving items to my pokemon to level up for example the macho brace and exp. Share. Then I forgot about them for awhile then when I tried to use them again they were gone I can't find them. I don't think it's the first time but I can think of another item that just disappeared like that.

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You might have sold them, you might have thrown them away, or you might have given them to different Pokemon. You might have used the move Fling and gotten rid of your item.

This would be what would've happened with your Macho Brace. If it was a Berry, it could have been removed by a foe's attack, or it could have been consumed by your Pokemon. Any Gems also would have been consumed. Same with a Bulb or Battery. Air Balloon would be removed if your Pokemon was hit by an attack. Also with a Berry, you could have used Natural Gift and it would've been removed.

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Thanks much I think I did use fling like twice