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Can you clone masterballs on pokemon white WITHOUT action replay?

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I heard that if you give a ditto and another pokemon each a masterball and breed them the hatchling will be holding a masterball?!? Is it true?

asked Jan 14, 2012 by TheDragonMaster

2 Answers

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That is not true. There is no way to do it without AR.

answered Jan 14, 2012 by XtremeKiller
Thnx i wuz just about to try it too thnx ultimatelucario wanna trade pokemon sumtime
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Well, you could breed. If you give the female the master ball to hold, the baby Pokemon might have another master ball, but I believe it is a very low chance of the egg to have one when hatched.

answered Mar 9, 2012 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>