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Why is the starter on most main-series games always male?

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The only female starter I've gotten is a Chimchar on Diamond, and I bred a female Totodile on Platinum from the male Feraligatr I got on Heartgold, but other than that, all the others were male. What gives?

asked Jan 26, 2012 by DesmondtheMoonBear
retagged Jun 19, 2012
Got the female Totodile on the first try, too! :)
I always get a girl starter but not on the first try for me to get a girl i takes me maybe 3-11 tries so think there should be a starter the is M 12.5% F 87.5%

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It's random
You can get a female but there is only a 12.5% chance
Therefor a 87.5% chance for male so if you want a female starter keep restarting game

answered Jan 26, 2012 by Blobyolo
selected Jul 10, 2013 by Psychic x
Thanks. It's just so annoying that there's such a small chance of a female starter. Me and my level 100 female Infernape are quite frankly confused on this. In my opinion it should be 50/50.