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How do you catch Raikou if you don't have a master ball cause of already using it on Entei?

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asked Feb 21, 2012 by Antwon

5 Answers

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Use wobbafett with shadow tag abilty, making it impossible for raikous to escape or use golbat with mean look so it can't escape. When you use mean look raikou can escape if you switch out golbat (same go's for woobufett)

answered Feb 21, 2012 by mechacharizard
They can just use Roar.
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You must use the most advantageous type of pokeball and try to lower its HP to as low as possible, and try to put it to sleep. Ultra Balls will be your best bet! Using a pokemon that uses false swipe is very useful to make sure you do not KO Raikou. Parasect is an Excellent choice for this role because it can learn both False Swipe and Spore, a 100% accurate sleep inducing move. Hope this helps!

answered Feb 21, 2012 by Saz
A great way to catch this roaming Pokemon!
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Personally I find Jynx extremely helpful when trying to catch roaming legendary pokemon, because she can have mean look and lovely kiss.

answered Feb 21, 2012 by GengarElite
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Here is what I did. First get an Umbreon with Mean look and Taunt. Find Raikou then use Mean-look to make him not run, then use Taunt so he can not use Roar to escape. Then lower Raikou's HP down until it is low enough to throw balls at, I reccomend using it at night with Dusk-balls.

If you can, have Umbreon know Baton-pass then you can use it after using Mean look and Taunt to a Pokemon with False-swipe and Taunt to make an easier capture.

answered Feb 22, 2012 by Speed freak
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i would use a bunch of strong pokemon and give as many as i can mean look then ide give all of my pokemon quick claws and right after you get it traped use a quick ball, if the quick ball doesnt work use stong ground type moves till its health bar gets to yellow then start wittling its hp away with either electic, flying or steel moves or just use false swipe like crazy!

answered May 7, 2012 by vesperdeath
edited May 7, 2012 by vesperdeath