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My pokemon leafgreen randomly restarted! why did it do that?

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asked Mar 3, 2012 by purplepiggy44
I figured it out. I got it from Ebay or Amazon and it was a fake

2 Answers

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"The save file has been corrupted......." I don't know the rest. It happened to my Sapphire.

Some of the data was damaged, so it restarted to prevent further damage to the entire GAME.

answered Mar 3, 2012 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
selected Jun 28, 2012 by purplepiggy44
There might be something wrong with you're DS...I'm not sure, but it's possible
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Did u hack? If you hacked, and I'm not saying u did, you might have gotten a BadEGG, which can delete your save file. But if not, your internal battery probably ran dry. There may be something wrong with your game, if so, try having a professional give a diagnosis.

answered Mar 4, 2012 by DesmondtheMoonBear
no, im not a hacker