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What is the main point in Pokemon Diamond?

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I'm playing pokemon Diamond and i was thinking why am i doing this?
i know u have to defeat E4 and team Galactic and meet and catch pokemon
what else is there to do?

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thank you all who answer or vote this question in advance  :)
(i am posting more questions so can you guys help me along?)  ;)

2 Answers

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Play/battle competitively...

Get starters and other Pokemon to transfer to B/W, where you can battle Wi-Fi

You can complete your Pokedex and get 5 Stars on your Trainer Card...

There really is no point to any video game except entertainment. (Unless you're battling competitively)

But, you wanna capture Diagla and defeat Team Galactic as the main point. Otherwise, there's not much you can do except catch/explore. You might wanna try HG/SS as they are longer with double the gyms, E4, etc.

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The point doesn't start until you after the first gym. In Floararoma town you start the actual point in the game, to stop Team Galactic. The point is just to get all the badges, stop Team Galactic, catch Palkia, or defeat him, and to become champion of Sinnoh. Other than that to help Proffesor Rowan fill the Pokedex.

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