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If my Umbreon evolved by happiness, is the move "Return" 's attack power 110?

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I am asking two questions in one. So here is the first one:
How much happiness does Eevee have to have in order to evolve into Umbreon?
Second Question:
If my Eevee evolved into Umbreon, would Return's attack power be 110?

I got the number 110 from here:

I also gave my Eevee the Soothe Bell if that helps.

asked Mar 29, 2012 by SpikeyEaredPichu

1 Answer

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  1. Like all pokemon who evolve by happiness it evolves with happiness at 220

  2. No, it would be 110 if its happiness was maxed. At 220 the base power would be around 95-105 since the equation is : base power =happiness÷2.5

answered Mar 29, 2012 by Danny
edited Mar 29, 2012 by Danny
Actually Returns Power caps at 102
Does STAB affect the 102, or is the 102 with STAB?
STAB makes it 153, but it is a normal type move and Umbreon is Dark so he would not get STAB.