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What pokemon evolves when they level up at the shard of ice in twist mountain?

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I was wandering around Twist Mountain and I came into a room with a huge piece of ice.then Iwent to talk to Bianca in Nuvema Town and said that a certain pokemon evolves when it levels up near it so what pokemon evolves near it?

asked Apr 5, 2012 by watermaster1999

2 Answers

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Well that pokemon is Eevee, if u level it up close to the ice it will evolve into a Glaceon.




Hope this helps =P

answered Apr 5, 2012 by Spark Pichu
edited Apr 5, 2012 by Spark Pichu
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Level up Eevee once and it evolves to Glaceon.
So yeah, its Eevee.

answered Apr 5, 2012 by Ninja