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How can victini learn fusion flare?

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I got V-Create Victini in a trade. It knows Searing Shot, Overheat, Fusion Bolt and V-Create. I really want to teach it fusion flare, but when I go to the move family, Fusion Flare dose not show up as a learn-able move. Can Victini only learn one of these moves? Is Victini in need of some sort of special treatment? Please help me out.

asked Apr 12, 2012 by starmarx39

1 Answer

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Actually, it can't relearn Fusion Flare again, it was on the original event moveset

Searing Shot
Fusion Bolt
Fusion Flare

i can see they replaced that move with overheat, so i'm sorry

answered Apr 12, 2012 by Jellypizza
Thanks, I guess its back to trading!