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Can Riolu get Nasty Plot and Vacuum Wave through Breeding?

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since he have 3 start-up moves and based on pokemondb when you hatch riolu's egg, the first move he'll learn is his 3 start-up moves and then level-up moves and then egg-moves.
(i need him to learn vacuum wave and nasty plot at once, i want him to learn nasty plot earlier, it's annoying to wait until he leveled up to 47 to learn it)

asked Apr 12, 2012 by Dark"jo"ray
edited Apr 12, 2012 by Psychic x

2 Answers

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It is pretty simple, Breed a Croagunk to have both Nasty Plot and Vacuum Wave, And Breed that specific Croagunk with a Female Lucario. This also works with Smeargle by the way.

Note: Both Pokemon must know Nasty Plot in order for this to work.

answered Apr 12, 2012 by Psychic x
selected Nov 29, 2012 by Psychic x
Forgot about Croagunk lol. But Smeargle is the easiest way.
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Uhh no Egg moves can replace the start up moves. Too breed Nasty-plot to him BOTH parents must have Nasty-plot, so you would have to have a female Lucario with Nasty-plot and (if you want Vacuum-wave) a Male Lucario with both Nasty-plot and Vacuum-wave or a Smeargle with Vacuum-wave and Nasty-plot. Smeargle is easier.

Hope I helped :)

answered Apr 12, 2012 by Speed freak
tq for "Egg moves can replace the start up moves". this is the answer i need.