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Can anyone help me with the coin game in ss?

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Alright well in celedon city in kanto n ss u can play a coin game but unfortunately I am terrible at it.. is there an easy way to win?

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2 Answers

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No, sorry there isn't. But at the end of a row there is a number telling you haw many Voltorb's are in that row.

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Then how do you think I got 15000 coins?
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Ok I went up to lv.8 without any calculator which is pretty much useless
the top one on each box at the end is the no. of voltorb, and the bottom one tells how much
points there are.
if they both add up to 5, the line besides that line is either 1 or 0
which are useless, so mark O.
Next, find the boxes at the end with no voltorbs
open all the boxes on those lines
At some point, you might find a time which both of these strategies don't work.
Then, find the box that meets two boxes with lowest no. of voltorbs and highest points

1. Mark O at the line when the box at the end's no. of voltorbs and the points add up to 5
2. open all the lines which is besides the box with 0 at no. of voltorbs
3. If you get stuck, find the box with the highest possible points and lowest possible voltorbs (This one needs bit of luck)

ps. Try to get maximum no. of coins even you don't know which one is right.
If you get certain no. of points at each round, you don't fall but redo that round

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