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Is IV not importrant???

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Every time I see a pokemon moveset, it only talks about the nature and EV
does this mean that IV isn't important?

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Yes, they are important.

It is just easier to manipulate EVs and Natures.

IV's cannot be changed nor calculated without extensive formulas or the use of an online calculator.

Also, depending on the stat, IVs don't really matter and sometimes it's obvious:
(Ex: If you are EV Trainig in Attack, It would be smart to have an IV of 31 for it.)


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Well, its not really that important actually; plus, IVs are not controlled since they are random values given to Pokemon so it wouldn't make sense to post IVs.
And why would anybody post how many IVs a Pokemon should have?
Wouldn't anyone want 31 IVs? Who would want any less than that?

05.05.2012 12:28a

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Depends. What if it is a Trick Room team?? IVs of 31 in Speed is not as wise. But your point is clear. Got my vote.