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In diamond what are all the fossils that can be found?

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If possible can you tell what "DNA" they contain?

asked May 28, 2012 by Chimcharizard

2 Answers

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Claw Fossil Revives into Anorith Rare (After National Dex)

Dome Fossil Revives into Kabuto Rare (After National Dex)

Helix Fossil Revives into Omanyte Rare (After National Dex)

Old Amber Revives into Aerodactyl Rare (After National Dex)

Root Fossil Revives into Lileep Rare (After National Dex)

Skull Fossil Revives into Cranidos Uncommon (Diamond Only)

answered May 28, 2012 by MiniNinetales
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Armor fossil

Revives shelidon and is only found in pearl

Claw fossil

Revives anorith *

Dome fossil

Revives kabuto *

Helix fossil

Revives omanyte *

Old Amber

Revives arceodactyl *

Root fossil

Revives lileep *

Skull fossil

Revives cranidos in diamond only

  • = After national dex is obtained


answered May 28, 2012 by Blobyolo