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What pokemon can learn the following types.

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i am trying to make the best possible moveset and i figured out a set that has moves that are either super effective or neutral.There are 0 types of pokemon that can resist this set! I need a pokemon that can learn these 4 types:


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try ghost, ice, fighting and ground.
no not-effective and resistance and over 500 super effective!!

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Smeargle all i know right now will edit with more as i find them. PS some pokemon will fit the requirements but wont have all of them being attacking. Like they can learn all the types but one or two will be status moves not attacking moves. I will point them out.

Clefairy(Stealth Rocks if you count that)
And many more......
Okay look there are many of these i didnt even make it out of the kanto dex and i found so many, if you want me to add a few more i will but there are just too many to list.

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try to add the "powerful" ones or ones with a high base stat.
how high of base stats
um.. like 540-600?
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It can learn Thunderbolt and a lot of other electric moves
Ice Punch by breeding
Earthquake by TM
Rock Slide by TM (It cant learn Stone Edge)

There you go! Its invincible!!!

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