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What is the role called phazer?

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I heard alot of people talking about phazer and i dont understand what they are

asked Aug 22, 2012 by A Very Nice Guy

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Actually t-Rex your mistaken by hazer we want phaser.

Phasing is a term used for moves and plays that can force the opponent to switch.

There are 3 ways to phase.
1. By using the moves that force opponents to switch but offers no offensive threat.
E.g roar whirlwind
2. Similar to 1 but this time the moves do damage I believe all have 60 base power.
These are different because they can't break subs. E.g dragon tail and circle throw.
3. Sending in a Pokemon the opponent can't deal with using his/hers current Pokemon.

There are advantages to this so don't be thrown off by the moves -6 priority.
1. Hazards :D hazards works great on a team that has a phaser
2. Setting up. Pokemon that set up are easy targets to play with.
3. Allows you to see the opponents team and possibly poison them all early.
4. Breaking subs and playing with there team in general :D

Usually defensive Pokemon with means of recovery e.g lugia or skarmory

answered Aug 22, 2012 by Blobyolo
selected Aug 23, 2012 by A Very Nice Guy
thnx 4 correcting me....I'll hide my answer.