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Ditto transform stats ?

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if ditto or smeargle (sketch) use transform
do the stats be copied
like blissey high hp and low attack
will the transformed pokemon has high hp and low attack too

asked Aug 23, 2012 by metapod pro
retagged Aug 29, 2012

1 Answer

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Transform/Imposter will copy all of the opponent's stats except for HP.

Attack Stat
Sp. Def
Sp. Attack
Capture Rate
Experience Given when defeated
Any stat changes made by the foe

These are the things that Transform/Imposter gain from the opponent.

A strategy in Hackmons is to use Blissey with the Imposter ability, as it has the highest HP in the game.

answered Aug 23, 2012 by trachy
selected Aug 23, 2012 by metapod pro
too bad  transform cannot copy hp of blissey :(