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How does one go about making a Pokemon Team?

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How does one go about making a team? I mean the thinking behind it. I've just gotten into good movesets for Pokemon and battling with friends/wifi battles... I have several pokemon with what are considered good movesets, but I would like to know how to set up an actual team.

Thanks C= (I apologize for my noob-ness)

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Sorry but these other answers are not helpful one bit.
When building a team first you need to decide on a tier.
Then you make a core and plan the idea around the team.
E.g decide if it's going to be weather or not.
A core is 1-3 Pokemon usually which you base your team around.
They are supported by your team mates and if you have more than 1 Pokemon in the core they usually contradict each others weaknesses.
So you have a core.
Now start building around it so let's say gligar is my core is using 4 other Pokemon weak to ice the best of moves?
No instead use Pokemon that can cover the weakness e.g walrein who can take ice hits.
You can also use abilities.
E.g you have a fire and ice weakness problem a fire type with flash fire will absorb the blows with ease or a Pokemon with the ability thick fat halls the damage.
Though the core is the star of the team make sure your other members still can support each over because otherwise the team is a shambles and won't function.
This is called synergy(when you can absorb the blows with other Pokemon)
Now you have your six planned out look for common weaknesses.
E.g you may have no scizor counter so you may have to switch the team around.
If you had po you could easily test out the team before hand but it requires a download.
Type Pokemon online into google, it's a big battle simulater.
If you can't download it just use showdown a non downloadable version just with lag.
Back to the team though, make sure your offence is balanced so don't have all special attackers otherwise you can't take out chanseys.
Give your team coverage not a mono attacking set ;)
Make sure the sets can support but still work and a defensive Pokemon can always help.
Train and all the other stuff then make sure you have stealth rocks :D
Hazards spikes toxic spikes and rocks will take a good amount of damage off Pokemon coming in up to 50% with just rocks meaning ko's easy.
I think I've covered the important parts.

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I would just like to give an example of my favorite OU core, the Jellicent+Ferrothorn+Heatran core. I've used this core on multiple of my teams.
That rules Trachy.
Thank you so much! This is EXACTLY the type of answer I was looking for. Thanks for the great answer C=