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What is a good moveset for Ninjask?

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I have never trained a bug type to be strong. I want to train ninjask because as my username suggests I like speed. I need to know a good moveset.

Ninjask Learnset

asked May 23, 2010 by Speed freak
edited Jul 1, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
Ninjask (M) @ Focus Sash
Trait: Speed Boost
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Hardy Nature
- U-turn
- Swords Dance
- Protect
- Baton Pass
nice, but you could replace support moves with night slash and aerial ace if you want him to act independently
Talonflame would wreck this little guy, speed don't matter with Gale Wings

16 Answers

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As it's attack is high, I'd mostly focus on physical moves.

X-sxissor is a good bug move (power 80, acuracy 100)
Dig is also an option to concider (power 80, acuracy 100) but it is a 2 turn move, so you'd have to watch out for oponents switching to flying pokemon or using Protect.
Although slash is normal type (power 70, acuracy 100) it could be a back up move for when you arn't very effective, like fighting a flying type.
More risky physical moves include Giga impact (power 150, ac. 90, can't move next turn. Don't go for hyper beam; it's the same exept special attack, where you arn't as strong.

If you wanted to incorperate some sp attack moves, although it's sp attack is low you could go for
Shadow Ball (power 80, acuracy 100)
Giga Drain (power 60, acuracy 100 +obtain 1/2 absorbed hp)

I wouldn't go for solar beam as it's 2 turn power is 120 and using giga drain in those 2 turns would do the same damage as well as gain you hp.

Overall, I might go for X-Scissor, Dig, Shadow Ball, and Slash

answered May 23, 2010 by Fritjof
What bout fly
It can't learn fly!
if i were u i would replace shadow ball for swords dance, anyway one of those moves so u can raise its attack even more
Don't use Dig since Earthquake is on nearly every damn pokemon.
he is a flying type noone will try to predict him using dig + this did not state that it is a competitive battling ninjask
lol, forgot that :(
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Competitively you'll want him as a lead baton passer so your moveset will probably look like;

Swords Dance
Baton Pass

The whole point is to get a free swords dance in which requires a fair amount of prediction then you turn stall using Substitute and protect after that you baton pass to the physical sweeper of your choice.

answered Jan 9, 2011 by Dragonite_FTW
X-scissor instead of substitute
no, this is a good set, x scissor is not neccesary
no x-scissor,this is a baton pass lead,  keep substitute
Great answer!  You may want to add things like EVs and Nature, though.  (Exact same as my Ninjask)
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I Like This Strategy......
Double Team(to get rid of his terrible defense)
Swords Dance(After Double Team, He Can Set This Up to have a base attack of 546!)
Slash(Powerful, good crit hit ratio)
X-Scizor(Strong accurate STAB)

answered Aug 18, 2010 by Swampert
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Gen V

Ninjask (M) @ Focus Sash

Trait: Speed Boost

EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd

Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

  • Swords Dance
  • X-Scissor
  • Protect
  • Baton Pass
answered Jun 18, 2011 by trachy
Where do you get Focus Sashes from?
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Ninjask @ Life Orb

Trait: Speed Boost

EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpA)

  • Swords Dance
  • X-Scissor
  • Night Slash
  • Aerial Ace

Swords Dance doubles its attack which will not be baton passed, yes that is right this Ninja doesn't baton pass.
X-Scissor is there for some fresh STAB, so is Aerial Ace.
Night Slash is a good move and hits Ghosts and Psychics.
make sure to have a rapid spinner or just something to avoid/get rid of those annoying stealth rocks that steals 50% of shedinjas HP, thief :o
so yeah that's annoying.

answered Sep 2, 2011 by Hex
edited Mar 1, 2012 by Hex
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Physical sweeper!
aerial ace, (never misses, stab)
X-scissor, (stab)
Dig, (type coverage, fire and rock)
Return, (If its fully happy it will do like 110 damage I think)

But i now use him as a Baton passer!
So, Baton Passer!
Protect (for speed boost)
Swords dance (make him hold a focus sash, his defences just aren't good if he gets hit by a OHKO your covered! Even if it hits once its useful)
X-Scissor (in chase of taunt) Dig is also handy!
And finally Baton Pass (you know why!)

answered Jan 3, 2011 by J DOG DE LEGEND
edited May 22, 2012 by J DOG DE LEGEND
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I think it should be
Ariel Ace
Bug bite
Air cutter
and Steel wing

answered Jan 9, 2011 by lil kid247
He has HORRIBLE special attack. Bug Bite is good if you know that your opponent is a very Berry oriented person, but otherwise X-Scissor is definitely the better option. He also doesn't need air cutter because he has strong, stab, NEVER missing Ariel Ace. Steel Wing for coverage is pretty good, although it wouldn't be my first option.
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Baton passer

Baton pass

Swords dance


Nightslash/Protect(Night slash just in case he is tuanted by a ghost after he uses and thus can't switch)(Protect to get another speed boost in)

Item Focus sash

answered Feb 15, 2011 by Speed freak
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another speed baton passer move

  • baton pass
  • protect
  • substitute
  • and DIG, (type coverage for elect,flyg,rock and for taunt user, and a free speed boost)

but still confused with item and nature (focus sash/ground gem and jolly/adamant)
if taunter exist,
so it's like protect, taunt, go dig, the taunter switching out, protect again, taunt again, dig again, ,,,,and then baton pass
if not, so just do the common move, subs,prot,subs,prot,etc
so yeah it is just giving out speed.

answered Jan 27, 2012 by Dark"jo"ray
I would put in swords dance and give it focus sash because ninjask is frail
yeah i know, but as written above, this move is good if the taunter exist, and it's common
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Speed Boost

@ Leftovers
Ev's:252 Speed/252 HP(For Substitute)
Ability:Speed Boost

  • Toxic
  • Dig
  • Protect
  • Substitute

Start with Substitute,then Toxic comes,after Toxic hit with Dig for Toxic Damage and Dig.Finally use Protect for Speed Boost.

Baton Passer

@Focus Sash
Ev's:252 Speed/252 Attack
Ability:Speed Boost

  • Swords dance
  • X-Scissor
  • Aerial Ace
  • Baton Pass

Start with Swords Dance,then hit with Aerial Ace or X-Scissor and Baton Pass comes last.

answered Mar 17, 2012 by Mr.Bombastic
edited May 21, 2012 by Mr.Bombastic
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Baton Passer that sets up powerful physical Pokemon such as Electivire or Salamence with being able to throw a punch at the same time.

Initially I thought:
x-scissor- STAB + good bug physical move
Double team- provides strong evasion
Sword Dance- accelerates the attack stat
Baton Pass- pass the stats

but after trying this strategy out I realized that another Pokemon can still lay hits even with one or two double teams. Also Aerial Ace with a good mainly physical flying Pokemon (staraptor) could easily defeat ninjask no matter how many double teams used. Use substitute instead of double team because it doesn't matter if ninjask loses a quarter health, it doesn't have that much to begin with, and this insures that Ninjask doesn't get hit.

X-scissor, baton Pass, sword dance, substitute

answered Nov 20, 2012 by wite1
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Ability: Speed Boost
Nature: Quirky
Move Set:

Baton Pass

answered Aug 1, 2013 by kungfulegend567
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i think that the best move set is
-sword dance

answered Aug 4, 2013 by JohnMix
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I like to use Ninjask as a Speedy Pokemon. Physical moves are the best choice for attacking.

Ninjask (Hold Focus Sash) Nature: IDK, I'm not good at IV breeding yet... TT^TT
Ability: Speed Boost, needed for this moveset This wi;
This is not a Baton Passer, it's used to have a speedy advantage and attack, which is optional.

[Flying] Aerial Ace
[Bug] U-Turn or if you DO want a stat passer, [Normal] Baton Pass.
[Normal] Protect, this will be very useful with Speed Boost. Unless the the move Feint is used. This will give one free Speed Stat boost.
The last move is up to you! It all depends on how you decide to use Ninjask, good luck!

answered Dec 31, 2013 by LugiatheSeaGuardian
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Nature :Hasty
EVs:252 Spd, 252 attack 4Def
Item Focus sash

baton pass
swords dance

Basically, you first use swords dance (plus one stage for speed and two for attack!)
Then ninjask would probaly have one HP now, use endure for another speed boost (another stage up) and then baton pass this over to a strong physical sweeper or use this power for it self and you got a nice Ninjask!
hope this helps!

answered Jul 21, 2014 by CryoNios
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Speed Boost
Focus Sash
EV 252 attack 252 speed 4 hp
swords dance (works with focus sash)
protect(speed boost)

answered Oct 14, 2014 by redevil2001
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