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Bonus EVs if you switch?

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Do you get the bonus EVs for a macho brace, if you switch the Pokemon with a macho brace out and then win the battle with another Pokemon?

asked Sep 21, 2012 by NO1974

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The Pokemon holding the macho brace will get its EVs doubled.No effects will occur for the second Pokemon.

answered Sep 21, 2012 by AegisDatLash
selected Dec 13, 2012 by NO1974
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Yes, but the regular Evs are halved.

Ex: If you got 2 EVs normally, then with Macho Brace, you'd get 4. The MB Pokemon would get 5 if you switched, and the second Pokemon would get 1.

answered Sep 21, 2012 by XtremeKiller
Does my pokemon that switch out with a macho brace get 5 or 4 EVs?
What does this say?
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