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What is a good in-game team for FireRed/LeafGreen?

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Allowed by Pokemaster as you can read here. The answers I will provide will give a good example of how this should be done.

  • Six Pokemon are required and while legendaries can be suggested, do remember that many people do not like using them because of how easy it makes the game. You might also want to keep the starter.
  • Moves are required for each Pokemon.
  • You should make sure to take into account that some people cannot trade, nor do they want to use cheating devices such as AR. As such, suggesting Machamp or giving multiple Pokemon the Earthquake attack when they can only learn it by TM is not a good idea.
  • Items, EVs, and Natures are not required.
  • Please provide ample explanation.

Since this is Gen III, types are determined differently.





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Am I able to do this with Platinum?
Am I able to ask this question in Ruby?
I'm surprised that only 1 person has suggested Blastoise and that he didn't mention that Nidoking and Nidoqueen provide great coverage.

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Venussaur - Best starter, acording to game freak, due being very effective against the two first gym leaders and resistant against the third.

Raichu - Due to increased number of water and flying Pokemons in this region, especially, early in game, like pidgey, zubat, spearow, etc, a eletric type that can be aquired early in is a good option, also, he is the electric type of that region that can learn more different moves, like brick break, dig, etc.

Pidgeot - Very round stats, easy to raise, usefull, especially for the ones who doens't choose the fire starter, due to being very effective against grass, insect, fight that are very common in the early and end game.

Graveler, rhydon or kabutops - Geodude is the mosy easy ground/rock type to raise, and learn the most usefull moves of both types, that can be very usefful early and in end game. Especially against the third gym. I advise to use graveller early in and later trade for a golem or rhydon and kabutops if you can't trade.

Arcanine - Along with charizard and ninetales, he is the standart choice for a fire type in kanto, he also has very high stats.

Lapras - Have a wide movepool, good stats for both attack and defense, is the best choice to the last member of the elite for, due to have a STAB of ice, also being mix with water, who is a very usefull type.



Venussaur can be used for both ofense or defense, but I belive that he will be best suit for defense in that generation especially later on, but he also would do good in ofense. For defense, and damage over time:

Razor leaf/solar bean
lech seed



Brick break
Double team/thunder wave


Pidgeot: He is very ease to raise and having both attack and spl attack moves almost in identical stats, almost any move would do good.

Wing attack/ aerial ace
Thief (for dealing with ghost and pshyc types)
Steel wing (for conter rock and ice, Who is a threat)
Hyper beam/whirlwind



roll out
Fire punch



rock tomb
horn drill/ fire blast, hyper bean, thuder (The last 3 ones for this spot doesn't benefit for his best stat of ofense, but could come in handy sometimes as a backup move for a lower spl def Pokemon foe, but the best choice is still horn drill)
brick break


brick break
rock tomb
slash/surf (Since in gen 3 all water moves belonge to spl atk category, is best use surf, but he doesn't benefit for his higher stat, attack, so if you want to benefit from this, choose slash, if you wanna a backup move choose surf.)


Flametrower/fire blast (fire blast only if you use most your flying type to dealing with grass and insects, then the fire type would be the support would bring "extra firepower" for backup, but if you will use him as much as the flying, then keep flametrower as standarth move.
Extreme speed


Surf/Hydro pump (A similiar case for the fire blast of arcanine, use hydro pump only if you use your grass type more than your water to deal to rock and ground, then use the hydro bump as the backup powerfull move, if you use urou water as muach as your grass to deal against thoose types then keep surf.)

shock wave/thunder
Ice bean/blizzard


Quick notes:

fly: Since fly has only 70 base power in that generation, don't use it on your flying type or charizard, if you choose one, best use wing attack or aerial ace, since has base power 60 and attack in one turn instead of two, who could take your precious time, and many other chances, who in a fight is crítical. Keep this move for an utility Pokemon, also know as HM especialist, to travel to one city to another, then put it back on the pc again. Don't use this move as a battle move in that generation.

Surf and Watterfall: Same case as the fly, but with a few exceptions. Use one of thoose moves only if you don't plan to use hydropump later on, also put only one of them, never both. Only one is enought, their primary objective is to be used in a HM especialist to climb watterfalls and traverse the water, nothing more. Use only one of them for battle if is the case, but never put two, their are suited for the HM especialist, who you will teach him this move to use in such ocasion and then put the Pokemon on the PC box, and only use it again when needed outside of battle, same as the user of the move fly.

Rock smach, strenght, cut: Same as the other ones mentioned above, put it on a HM especialist to use it only when the time needed outside of a battle.


For HM especialist Pokemon, almost anything works.
For fly = Spearow, fearow, pidgey
For watterfall and surf = goldeen, poliwrill, horsea, etc.
For cut, rock smash, strenght early on = Rattata, sandsherew
For cut, rock smash, strenght later on = Raticate, krabby
For surf later on = Krabby

Krabby is one of the best HM especialist, he can knows:
rock smash


I would like if you undertand that, and choose this as the best answer since many people here are doing amateur answers, some are even put both surf and watterfall in the same Pokemon used to battle. Thanks!!

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My team destroyed through the game


Smokescreen/Dragon Claw/ Flamethrower/ Arial Ace/ Mega Punch


Horn Attack/ Poison Sting/ Brick Break/ Megahorn


Poison Powder/ Giga Drain/ Acid/ Petal Dance/


Surf/ Bite/ Acid Armor/ Blizzard/ Ice Beam


Detect/ Ice Punch/ Thunder Punch/ Sky Uppercut

I leave the last spot open for necessary HM slaves

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5 moves on Charizard and Vaporeon. :P
Poison Sting, Horn Attack, Poison Powder, and Acid are so legit.
You could have just Replace Poison Sting and Acid With Sludge Bomb and Poison Powder with Toxic. Sludge Bomb is a STAB to Both Vileplume and Nidoking. You also forgot one Powerful Ground Move that is a STAB to Nidoking: Earthquake.
half these lists dont us the best fire types of them all; arcanine
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1 Charizard

                          Blast Burn, Flamethrower, Fly, Dragon Pulse

2 Pikachu

                     Thunder, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, slam

3 Lapras

                   Hydro pump, Waterfall, Ice beam,  Thunder

4 Dragonite

                        Surf, Ice beam, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower

5 Snorlax

                 Rock smash, Strength, Earthquake, Ice Punch

6 Scizzor

                   Cut, Metal claw, air slash, Energy ball
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It depends on your starter:

If your starter is: Charmander, i suggest:
Off course: Charizard - Blast Burn, Flamethrower or Heat Wave or Dragon Claw, Fly, Fire Blast

Water: Gyarados or Seadra (Due to the Fact that they are part Dragon Types which is a great advantage)- Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Surf, Dragon Rage (For Gyarados) or Rain Dance (For Seadra to increase its speed and Damage).

Grass: Exeggutor or VilePlume - Exeggutor: Psychic, Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Suuny Day or Calm Mind
                                                              VilePlume: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Solar Beam, Sunnny Day

Electric: Raichu, Zapdos, or Magneton (Electabuzz will also do)- Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Double Team (Raichu); Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thuner Wave, Lock On (Magneton); Agility, Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave (Electabuzz).

Rock/Ground: Nidoking (FR), Nidoqueen (LG), Golem - Rock Slide, Earthquake, MegaHORN(Nidoqueen and Nidoking Only)Sandstorm, Rock Blast

Last Type: Preferably Bug instead of Psychic because the Champion's Last Pokemon is Alakazam which is Psychic meaning choosing a Psychic type can result to ineffectiveness.

Preferred Bug Types
Beedrill: High Speed, can over come Alakazam
Moveset: Twineedle, Pin Missile, Sludge Bomb, Agility

Heracross: High Attack
Move Set: Megahorn, BrickBreak, Horn Attack, Bulk Up

Pinsir Actually should be great but he doesn't learn any Bug Types during the game
Gyarados is water/ flying and seadra is pure water.Kingdra is water/ dragon
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My team is doing extremely well
Fly, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Blast Burn
Surf, Ice Beam, Body Slam, Psychic
Dragon Claw, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Fire Blast
Body Slam, Headbutt, Rest, Snore
Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Psychic, Thunder Punch
Psychic, Psybeam, Recover, Confusion

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-Dragon Rage
-Blast Burn (from the old lady in Cape Brink on Two Island)

Jolteon (Speed Freak)
-Shadow Ball
-Quick Attack

-Ice Beam
-Hydro Pump
-Sheer Cold

-Wing Attack
- Hyper Beam

-Aerial Ace
-Wing Attack

-Sludge Bomb
-Giga Drain
-Sleep Powder

Level all your Pokemon to level 60 - 70 before challenging the Elite Four. Route 15 is an excellent training ground. Use your VS Seeker.

In challenging the Elite Four (their Pokemon's levels ranges from levels 50- 65):
Loreli - Ice Type
You need: Electric type / Fighting type (Electric type is enough because most of the Pokemon she uses are more of a water type than an ice type)

Bruno - Fighting Type
You need: Water type (for his Steelix. He's got two of them) / Flying type (for the rest of his Pokemon)

Agatha - Ghost Type
You need: Ghost type / Dark type (or a Pokemon that knows Bite or Shadow Ball)

Lance - Dragon Type
You need: Ice type (for his Dragonites) / Water type (for his Aerodactyl) / Electric type (for his Gyarados and Kingdra)

Champion - Any Type
If your starter is Charmander,
You need: Electric type / Grass type (for Blastoise and Pidgeot), Dark type / Ghost type (for Alakazam and Exeggutor), Water type (for Rhydon and Arcanine)
If your starter is Squirtle,
You need: Fire type / Flying type / Psychic type (for Venusaur), Electric type (for Pidgeot and Gyarados), Dark type / Ghost type (for Alakazam), Water type (for Rhydon and Arcanine)
If your starter is Bulbasaur,
You need: Water type (for Charizard and Rhydon), Electric type (for Pidgeot and Gyarados), Dark type / Ghost type (for Alakazam and Exeggutor)

Hope this helps :)

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