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Where can I find all secret base items in platnum ?

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In Generation IV, plants are purchased from Hikers in the Underground.

Pretty Flowers - 8 to 9 green spheres
Lavish Flowers - 8 to 9 green spheres
Dainty Flowers - 8 to 9 green spheres
Lovely Flowers - 8 to 9 green spheres
Poké Flower - 11, 20 or 30 pale spheres
Bonsai - 8 to 9 green spheres
Potted Plant - 20 to 21 red spheres

Pokemon Dolls

Dolls, like many other decorations in this generation, are available by trading spheres to Hikers in the Underground. They can also be purchased in the fourth floor of the Veilstone Department Store. Instead of placing them on desks or mats, dolls, like many other decorations, cannot be placed on top of any other objects.

Bonsly Doll
Buizel Doll
Bulbasaur Doll
Buneary Doll
Charmander Doll
Chatot Doll
Chikorita Doll
Chimchar Doll
Clefairy Doll

Cyndaquil Doll
Drifloon Doll
Glameow Doll
Happiny Doll
Jigglypuff Doll
Manaphy Doll
Mantyke Doll
Meowth Doll
Mime Jr. Doll

Minun Doll
Mudkip Doll
Munchlax Doll
Pachirisu Doll
Pikachu Doll
Piplup Doll
Plusle Doll
Skitty Doll
Snorlax Doll

Squirtle Doll
Torchic Doll
Totodile Doll
Treecko Doll
Turtwig Doll
Wailord Doll
Weavile Doll
Wobbuffet Doll
Lucario Doll


Tools are used to place traps within the secret base. There is one tool for each type of trap in the game, excluding Move Traps, Hurl Traps, Reverse Traps, and Confuse Traps.

Alert Tool 1
Alert Tool 2
Alert Tool 3
Alert Tool 4
Big Smoke Tool
Bubble Tool
Ember Tool
Fire Tool

Flower Tool
Foam Tool
Hole Tool
Leaf Tool
Pit Tool
Rock Tool
Rockfall Tool
Smoke Tool

Source: Bulbapedia/ Decorations

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