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What's the password to the barrier?

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asked Oct 21, 2012 by FenaFox
edited Oct 21, 2012 by FenaFox
Challade1, could you explain what you mean by 'barrier'? If you mean the one to the Plasma Ship in B/W 2, then I know the password.

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OK, I'm going to assume you mean the password to Team Plasma's ship (Plasma Frigate) in B/W 2. I don't recall any other 'barrier' in the game other than that. To save some time battling the Team Plasma Grunts, the password is 2202, however you need a Plasma Card to enter the password, which can be obtained by defeating one of the Plasma Grunts under the pipe puzzle. Once the password has been gained, all the beams will disappear. When you proceed, Zinziloin will battle you, and later Colress as well.

Source: experience.

answered Oct 21, 2012 by ƒιzz
selected Nov 2, 2012 by FenaFox
For me it was 7707
Than it must of been a randomized password.
I haven't played B2/W2 yet, but if that is the case fizzcube, just explain how you obtain the password.