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Are the Stunfisk not migrating through here this year?

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Remember? They were nice... Can you help them come back or something? that would be great. A little programming and coding of snack bait should help. :D

My bro Melvin is in that pack.

asked Apr 1, 2012 by Ninja
He should add all the derp pokemon lol
When the site had this I wasn't in the site and this is the first time that i see it and i think is annoying but better than the Electivire and Scyther.Also the imagine up (not with the stunfisk with scyther and electivire)
is it damaged ?
Check out my question on meta

1 Answer

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No I cleared them all out last year and put up defenses to prevent another infestation. Unfortunately I was surfing down the edge of the site after talking to some grumpy old man that hadn't had his coffee, and now we got glitches by Missingno.


answered Apr 1, 2012 by Pokemaster
Awww... I lieked those Stunfisk. D:
Me too D: