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How can i get friends on this website?

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- Be nice
 - Find things you have in common and talk about them
 - Find certain Pokemon that you both like
 - Don't Argue about serious things. I.e. Religion

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Well... you have to go on chat. And talk to people, being nice to them.
Try to find common interests you have with the people. There is already an obvious one with POKEMON!
When trading or battling with people, try not to be too demanding.
Don't sleep with the other person's sister. That doesn't usually hold well for friendships (see Scarface).
Try not to be mean or cause any problems. Not saying you do that, just that in general it is a good idea not to be mean.
If somebody wants you to cover his back while he goes ahead to scout, it's probably a good idea to watch his back and only come out if he yells that he is under attack.
If he runs out of ammo, share some with him.
Don't create a Portal over a pool of sludge, then create another one right underneath your friend, dropping them in the pool of sludge.
Don't hit the person with friendly fire.
Don't stand in front of the person, blocking their shot. This will also usually lead to your death, so it is not a good idea to do it, as it really messes up your K/D.

And these are some tips on how to make friends on the site! :D

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Haha, great answer :-)
I hate messing up my K/D here on the PokeBase.
By K/D, do you mean Kraft Dinner? xD
^Not sure if trolling or being serious
Kill death ratio
Just trolling ;D
i was talking about you JCM(if you didnt already know)
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OK here is a serious answer, as right now you have trachy's funny answer.

To make friends on this site have a good sense of humour (like trachy XD)
Follow the rules.
Do not swear, yell, insult, or bully.
Be nice to people.
Do not talk about controversial issues (trust me I know from experience it makes more enemies than friends on the chat, there are better places to discuss them)
Be a good battler.
Do not, under ANY circumstances, EVER, brag about how good you are at Pokemon battling, this will just lead to one of us thoroughly kicking you butt in a battle and you crawling into a hole of shame. (We have had many noobs claim to be awesome at battling because they beat the Elite 4, just like every other 6 yr old with a D.S.)
Do not argue with older users who try to help you understand the rules better.

Other than that it depends on your personality, some people make friends faster than others. Do not give up though, try your best :D

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I have made a lot of friends doing just that. Just know, when I can vote, Up-vote coming to ya ;)
My answer is actually partly serious, covering the major points.
Thanks Speed freak oh and im not a six year old who beat the elite four im a twelve year old who tries to get my pokemon up the maximum level i can dependin on how many badges i have. Oh and by the way is it cool if fourteen year olds play pokemon because my cousin wants to join and he is fourteen.
im 15 so yea