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"Why was my post hidden?" — the mega-thread

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Did a question or answer you asked seemingly vanish? It was probably hidden. If you are not sure why, then please use this thread to ask. Any new questions asking why questions were hidden will be hidden.

Step 1: Read the rules. They are fairly simple. The most common reasons questions are hidden are:

  • being purely opinion e.g. "what is your favorite Pokemon"
  • being on the wrong section e.g. a team question on Pokebase instead of Battle Subway
  • on team questions, not including all the required information (Moves, Ability, Items, Nature, EVs or Roles).
  • on team questions, being in-game teams instead of competitive teams
  • way too trivial e.g. "what level does Bulbasaur evolve at?"
  • a moveset question (we already have them)
  • duplicates of other questions

For answers, they may be hidden if you answer many days later with no new information than what's already there.

Step 2: Read the rules again because you probably didn't read them close enough.

Step 3: Read the rules again.

Step 4: Re-read the rules before posting because you probably ignored the majority of this post.

Step 5: If you are sure you didn't break any rules, post an answer here asking why your question was hidden. Obviously include a link to the question/answer you are asking about.

Then a mod or senior user will comment and tell you what rule you broke. When they do tell you, do not argue with them - they have been here long enough to know the rules. Just accept that you broke a rule and move on. Plus, it shows how mature you can be.

Also, if you posted a question or answer and it doesn't show up straight away then it probably needs to be approved. There is a message that tells you this when it happens. A Moderator or Editor will get to it soon and approve it (or reject it if it breaks the rules).

asked Aug 10, 2012 by Pokemaster
edited Feb 12, 2013 by Pokemaster
Excuse me PM, but I answered a question and it took a while to make sure it was approved, and by the time it got approved, two people had already answered the question after me. But since it only just got approved, a moderator thought that I had answered the question after the other two had, so my post got hidden. Why did it take so long to get approved?
Because no one was on to approve it when it was posted. You see Editors and Mods are the ones that approve posts, so if an Editor or Mod isn't on, your post doesn't get approved until one comes on and approves it.
Moderators or Editors are required to approve posts. Since it's Spring Break for a few of us, that's going to take a hit on our approval speed.

I believe PM said he was going to change it so that it would show the time the answer was made and have an apprved x amount of time ago below it.
Well I wouldn't call attempts to reason with them a form of immaturity. If something doesn't make sense, keeping raising questions until it does. That's how we learn.
I'm not understanding why my answer was hidden when there is no other answer...
It was hidden because what you said didn't answer the question. It wants a chance, as in a specific number or percentage. "The chance isn't too bad" is a bit too vague.
Also, it is better to state how you know that your answer is correct for questions like these. So if you found the chance on a website, link it so it can back you up.

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I asked a question regarding Pokedit's fate after the whole pre-Gen6 GTS shutdown, but it got hidden. I figured it was because it was a question that no one knew the answer to except the actual Pokedit people, but I still took a shot at asking just in case there was an absolute answer.

answered Mar 7 by SparkyBlaziken
I saw that.....
But i think maybe they will hack to Pokebank or maybe Box options im unsure but i think you could ask PokEdit to get 100% answer
Yeah, those kinds of questions should be given to the guys who made Pokedit, because how are we supposed to know? We aren't the ones who made it.
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I accidently duplicated a question that didn't show up on the green bar that says " Check to Make Sure Your Question Wasnt Already Asked". Will it get hidden?

answered Mar 14 by SadeRed
If an editor is online, it prob will.
If you want it hidden, you can hide it yourself, you know.
There is a hide button at the bottom right corner of your question. :P
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I posted about what will happen to version x and version y exclusives in generation 7 and either its been hidden or not checked and i posted yesterday . And all my awnsers keep getting deleted

answered Mar 23 by Fire master
Was your question this one? http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/191482/what-will-happen-to-charizard-and-and-mew-two-and-mega-in-gen-7
If so, it was hidden. Not entirely sure why though, hopefully whoever hid it will speak to you about it soon. I'll just assume they had a good reason to hide it.
However, I am the one who is hiding most of your answers. Here's why:
1. Almost all of them were posted on old questions. Unless you are correcting an incorrect answer, or you are adding a significant amount of information, do not post answers on old questions. This is stated in the rules, so you should know. I told you this already on your wall, but it seems you deleted it.
There was one you posted on a question that hadn't been answered, which I showed. The asker thanked you.
2. On top of posting on old questions, your answers weren't even better than the ones existing; it fact, you basically copied one of them. I am not going to reshow "no you can't" when there is already a much more detailed and informative answer there already, sorry.
Before you go deleting wall posts from experienced members of the site, consider their advice. It will help you.
Thanks for your time and hope you understand. If you're still confused or have any more questions, leave a comment. I'll help you out.
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I'm really confused here. Whenever I ask "What's a good moveset for -insert Pokemon's name-?," my question gets hidden/removed. But I see question similar to mine that are not hidden/removed, and it kind of upsets me. I was told on one of my questions that moveset questions are not allowed because you have a complete set of a pokemon's moves that it can learn, but last I heard, that was called the move pool of a Pokemon.

Personally, I feel that if someone asks what a good moveset is for a pokemon, it's because they need help with their team or maybe they feel they can't do a good job of coming up with the right combination of moves for their Pokemon.

Also, I understand that any questions regarding a pokemon team must be asked in the Battle Subway, but I'm told that when asking about even one single pokemon on their team, to ask the question in the Battle Subway, but nobody else that I've seen so far has been told to do that.

I'm sorry if I came off rude, but I'm extremely irritated by this.

answered Apr 2 by Doctor Chu
We have a user called MovesetBot, as well as trachy and some others, who asked these questions. These are not for team help, specifically, but for people to post movesets they have tested and believe are good. If you need help with a team, ask in chat or post on the RMT (Battle Subway) section.
Oh, okay. Thank you c:
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This question was hidden even though I read the rules. Please explain why.

answered 17 hours ago by AegisDatLash
I didn't get this one either.
Tjeru heru?? you maybe meant that 3 headed dog from Harry Potter Cerebus or something
I know my mythology and I meant the Tjeru Heru, not Cerberus because Cerby is a dog and has 3 heads.
I've never watched harry potter. lol
It's a question that probably can't be completely answered. All we could give you is theories unless Gamefreak stated at one point that it was.
That said, I don't know why it was hidden. There are lots of questions like that on Pokebase.