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"Why was my post hidden?" — the mega-thread

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Did a question or answer you posted seemingly vanish? It was probably hidden. If you are not sure why, then please use this thread to ask. Any new posts asking why questions were hidden will be hidden. Please follow these steps before posting:

Step 1: Read the rules. The most common reasons questions are hidden are:

  • being purely opinion e.g. "what is your favorite Pokemon"
  • being on the wrong section e.g. a team question on Pokebase instead of Battle Subway
  • on team questions, not including all the required information (Moves, Ability, Items, Nature, EVs or Roles).
  • on team questions, being in-game teams instead of competitive teams
  • way too trivial e.g. "what level does Bulbasaur evolve at?"
  • a moveset question (we already have one for every Pokemon)
  • duplicates of other questions

For answers, they may be hidden if you answer many days later with no new information than what's already there, or they may be unsatisfactory because they are incorrect or hard to read due to poor grammar.

Step 2: Read the rules again because you probably didn't read them close enough.

Step 3: Read the rules again.

Step 4: Re-read the rules before posting because you probably ignored the majority of this post.

Step 5: If you are sure you didn't break any rules, post an answer here asking why your question was hidden. Obviously include a link to the question/answer you are asking about, otherwise we have to search though and endless list of hidden posts to find the one you're talking about.

Once you have posted, a mod or senior user will comment and tell you what rule you broke. When they do tell you, do not argue with them - they have been here long enough to know the rules. Just accept that you broke a rule and move on. Plus, it shows how mature you can be. Remember that is thread is about learning what you did wrong and not complaining about it.

Also, if you posted a question or answer and it doesn't show up straight away then it probably needs to be approved. There is a message that tells you this when it happens. A Moderator or Editor will get to it soon and approve it (or reject it if it breaks the rules). Have a bit of patience, sometimes due to inconsistencies with time zones it takes several hours for us to do this.

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Mods can't edit profiles? Can Pokemaster?
Pokemaster can, but only he.
how do I find the link to a hidden post?
if the main cause of delay is time zones, shouldn't it take less than 24 hours to get a post approved?
How do I get the link to a question of mine that was hidden?

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Alrighty now. This isn't my post, it's Ninja's.

I am talking about the post where Ninja hosted the art event near the release of ORAS.

I feel like the artwork should still be displayed that I have made, among others.

Just put something like "[Canned]" in the title.


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How long did that contest even go for? Did it go for the amount of time it was meant to go for? I barely remember it, nor did I really care about it.
This might seem like a necropost, but it hasn't really been answered either (or the answer isn't known to us but is to the asker). Just genuine curiosity as to why it was hidden.
Don't posts on this thread get hidden every few months?
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Why was this removed?
There was nothing wrong with it, I feel like I followed the rules and everything.

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Because there isn't an answer to it. We don't know why it's quiet, that's left down to the writers of the anime. It's possible to speculate, but that essentially leaves it in the same category as an opinionated question. If you were suggesting that it was a technical problem, it's unrelated to Pokemon and doesn't really belong here.
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Both of the visible answers to this question are INCORRECT, while my CORRECT answer was hidden. The Secret Base man's house in Mossdeep does not only contain Masuda's Secret Base, but a number of Bases from a number of people involved in Pokemon.

Source: http://www.serebii.net/omegarubyalphasapphire/specialbases.shtml

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Your answer didn't add a great deal that the existing answers didn't include, besides mention there exists a Serebii link to a list of developer bases. Between the two answers, the fact there is more than one secret base and the requirement to use QR codes were both mentioned, and the bases' association with the developers is also implied. I will reshow the answer, but only so you can edit it and make it more specific/ informative (ie physically include the link rather than state it exists).
As you seem to be aware, posting on resolved questions is totally fine if what you're contributing is informative and noticeably more helpful than what exists at the time. But that answer, as it is now, isn't specific and doesn't add a substantial amount of detail.