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"Why was my post hidden?" — the mega-thread

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Did a question or answer you posted seemingly vanish? It was probably hidden. If you are not sure why, then please use this thread to ask. Any new posts asking why questions were hidden will be hidden. Please follow these steps before posting:

Step 1: Read the rules. The most common reasons questions are hidden are:

  • being purely opinion e.g. "what is your favorite Pokemon"
  • being on the wrong section e.g. a team question on Pokebase instead of Battle Subway
  • on team questions, not including all the required information (Moves, Ability, Items, Nature, EVs or Roles).
  • on team questions, being in-game teams instead of competitive teams
  • way too trivial e.g. "what level does Bulbasaur evolve at?"
  • a moveset question (we already have one for every Pokemon)
  • duplicates of other questions

For answers, they may be hidden if you answer many days later with no new information than what's already there, or they may be unsatisfactory because they are incorrect or hard to read due to poor grammar.

Step 2: Read the rules again because you probably didn't read them close enough.

Step 3: Read the rules again.

Step 4: Re-read the rules before posting because you probably ignored the majority of this post.

Step 5: If you are sure you didn't break any rules, post an answer here asking why your question was hidden. Obviously include a link to the question/answer you are asking about, otherwise we have to search though and endless list of hidden posts to find the one you're talking about.

Once you have posted, a mod or senior user will comment and tell you what rule you broke. When they do tell you, do not argue with them - they have been here long enough to know the rules. Just accept that you broke a rule and move on. Plus, it shows how mature you can be. Remember that is thread is about learning what you did wrong and not complaining about it.

Also, if you posted a question or answer and it doesn't show up straight away then it probably needs to be approved. There is a message that tells you this when it happens. A Moderator or Editor will get to it soon and approve it (or reject it if it breaks the rules). Have a bit of patience, sometimes due to inconsistencies with time zones it takes several hours for us to do this.

asked Aug 10, 2012 by Pokemaster
edited Aug 30, 2014 by ƒιzz
True. But still i find it random, and kinda rude...it would be different  if it was Spam or a useless post
Yo, I don't know where to talk about this, but I come back and I look in my profile that someone changed it to something about Nazi's? The hell? I took it down, dunno how long it's been there.
No one can change your profile unless they have access to your account.
Mods can't edit profiles? Can Pokemaster?
Pokemaster can, but only he.

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Why was mine? all i typed was please rate my team and i dont see what was wrong i wasted a lot of time on it

answered Jan 11 by serperiorisawesome
It didn't meet the RMT requirements. There wasn't enough information for the team to be properly rated, so the post was hidden to avoid clutter on the Battle Subway. If you'd like to fix it, I could re-show so you can edit it, if that would help?
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Yesterday , I posted a thread that stated ideas for a new duel-type ( Eletric/Poison), but it didn't get posted. It took a lot of time and effort to make ( which is why I pasted it onto a word document. Yah, this isn't the first time I came across this problem!) the stats, movesets, and etc. It can't be a moveset problem cause the pokemon doesn't exsist, and my question is far from vague. The only reason I can think of is that I didn't make the thread to the moderator's likings. If thats the case, then I have more freedom living ina box then being here in this bully infested site. Even though the question is somewhat useless and might no get anywhere, it's still a well thought of, very intresting conversion to get into.

This is probably the time where I get ambushed by your mind-controlled henchmen. If someone is willing to actually put together a useful answer, I'll be more than happy to agree ;)

answered Feb 14 by Unknown64
Sorry, but this site is not for that sort of thing. The purpose of this site is to provide information and answer any queries relating to the (official) games.
If and when Pokemaster makes a forum, then things like that can be posted there.
Sometimes some users will like to run a small contest on META (drawing contests, battle tourneys etc.) but otherwise, we don't have a place to accommodate things like.

In the mean time, may I suggest deviantart or Marriland to discuss this sort of thing?
This is something you'd take to chat. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/chat
Fondant pretty much covered this, but I just want to clarify that the reason it was hidden was because it was like a forum post, not a question on a Q&A. The rules state "questions should be answerable, not discussed endlessly" - this post didn't follow this guideline.
I love how he calls you "mind controlled henchmen" and you answer calmly and politely. HAH.
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I posted 1 day ago, 'Whats a good team with M Sceptile' What was wrong with the question?

answered Feb 14 by Shadowy_Chaos: Omega
We don't make entire teams for you.
Only Team questions are "What is a good ingame team for this version of Pokemon" which have all been covered.
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//I have another one//
My Five Nights at Freddy's 1 RMT. Don't know what was wrong with that.

answered Mar 7 by Shadowy_Chaos: Omega
Wasn't a full team.
I think I rated it and it was full except for one pokemon.  Which (if I remember correctly) is still in the rules.

I may be way off, but I thought I would say :P
Needs 6 Pokemon, he didn't even want a 6, it wasn't a question of "Idk what I should put". If It's an "Idk what I should put" it's fine, if it's "lol no, 5 Pokemon team gogogo" not so much.
Wait, I understand the part of him not asking about a 6th pokemon, but do you need to have 6 members to ask a RMT question? Or does the RMT question have to be what should my 6th pokemon be if it doesn't have 6 pokemon?

Thanks Semp
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It was asking who the people that give the mega stones for pokemon shuffle. I had this answer:

this will give you the locations of the stones, the power of the Pokemon, ability, and more!

answered Mar 14 by keldeo-kid
I left a comment on your answer when I hid it. I hid it because the link you gave did not answer the question. He wanted to know who the trainers that appeared as silhouettes were - that Serebii page says nothing about this.