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"Why was my post hidden?" — the mega-thread

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Did a question or answer you posted seemingly vanish? It was probably hidden. If you are not sure why, then please use this thread to ask. Any new posts asking why questions were hidden will be hidden. Please follow these steps before posting:

Step 1: Read the rules. The most common reasons questions are hidden are:

  • being purely opinion e.g. "what is your favorite Pokemon"
  • being on the wrong section e.g. a team question on Pokebase instead of Battle Subway
  • on team questions, not including all the required information (Moves, Ability, Items, Nature, EVs or Roles).
  • on team questions, being in-game teams instead of competitive teams
  • way too trivial e.g. "what level does Bulbasaur evolve at?"
  • a moveset question (we already have one for every Pokemon)
  • duplicates of other questions

For answers, they may be hidden if you answer many days later with no new information than what's already there, or they may be unsatisfactory because they are incorrect or hard to read due to poor grammar.

Step 2: Read the rules again because you probably didn't read them close enough.

Step 3: Read the rules again.

Step 4: Re-read the rules before posting because you probably ignored the majority of this post.

Step 5: If you are sure you didn't break any rules, post an answer here asking why your question was hidden. Obviously include a link to the question/answer you are asking about, otherwise we have to search though and endless list of hidden posts to find the one you're talking about.

Once you have posted, a mod or senior user will comment and tell you what rule you broke. When they do tell you, do not argue with them - they have been here long enough to know the rules. Just accept that you broke a rule and move on. Plus, it shows how mature you can be. Remember that is thread is about learning what you did wrong and not complaining about it.

Also, if you posted a question or answer and it doesn't show up straight away then it probably needs to be approved. There is a message that tells you this when it happens. A Moderator or Editor will get to it soon and approve it (or reject it if it breaks the rules). Have a bit of patience, sometimes due to inconsistencies with time zones it takes several hours for us to do this.

asked Aug 10, 2012 by Pokemaster
edited Aug 30 by ƒιzz
Excuse me PM, but I answered a question and it took a while to make sure it was approved, and by the time it got approved, two people had already answered the question after me. But since it only just got approved, a moderator thought that I had answered the question after the other two had, so my post got hidden. Why did it take so long to get approved?
Because no one was on to approve it when it was posted. You see Editors and Mods are the ones that approve posts, so if an Editor or Mod isn't on, your post doesn't get approved until one comes on and approves it.
"Question or answer you asked". Answer you asked. ANSWER YOU ASKED.
Some weirdo Hidden my Question when i was about to edit it, i wish this site can make onley the person who origonally posted the post hide/edit it
Yeah but which question? If it broke a rule then the mod who hid it was doing the right thing. And also, can you image what a wreck this site would be if mods couldn't hide other people's posts? There'd be trolls and advertisement posts everywhere, and the rules would have no meaning since people would post what they want and it couldn't be hidden.
True. But still i find it random, and kinda rude...it would be different  if it was Spam or a useless post

11 Answers

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I have no idea why this question was hidden. It was perfectly legitimate. All I want to know is why this question was hidden.

answered Sep 2 by The Trapinchinator
Thats the question  that i wasted alot of time answering! >:3
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Hi, I'm wondering why my question was blocked or declined. Thanks for taking time to read and answer!

answered Jul 20 by k-dog
Someone made a comment linking to a similar question that asked whether or not levelling up a Pokemon will make its Hidden Power type change, and then your question was flagged until it automatically hid itself.
Your question was extremely similar to that one, which is probably why it was flagged, but I've reshown it. Main reason is that you asked why it changed after evolution, which is not what the other question asked.
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hey i posted my team to get it rated and a couple hours later it got hidden and i dont know why.

it said that this guy named ninja hid it.

heres a link

please help!

answered Jul 21 by Joshua51423
U can't "check" EVs u have to assign them to your pokemon if on showdown and train them if in game.
Ninja if i repost my RMT post with my EVs you wont hide it?
If it has EVs it will not be hidden.
ninja i think i found a way to check EVs can you check if this is right?
Yes, this is correct.  Just do that.
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hi i was wondering why was my answer in this link below is hidden:
am i break any rules or just not allowed to post an answer there ?
please tell me why. thanks

answered Jul 22 by pokedarts
Hidden for being a bad replay.

Don't post replays on the replay thread of you sweeping a UU team.
Ehh wasn't it hidden because that thread is for DB League/Tourney replays only?
And your replay was clearly not either
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My questions hvent been accepted y?

answered Aug 1 by Jifflelo
First off, read the rules page, because it's pretty clear you didn't just looking through your posts. But I'll try to go through each of your posts and explain why each wasn't approved. The only thing I decided to reshow was your Rate My Team post, which was hidden for some reason (if the person who hid it sees this please explain why you hid it in case I'm missing something).
- http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/207748/need-help-with-Slowking This one was hidden because there is a separate thread on the Rate My Team section called "rate my Pokemon", which is where we keep these kinds of questions since they often clutter PokeBase. Here's a quick link to the page: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/24389/rate-my-pokemon-mega-thread?show=24389#q24389
- http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/207319/which-is-better-haxorus-or-salamance?show=207835#a207835 This one was hidden because the answer was straight up unsatisfactory. There were already two great existing answers, yours really didn't add much more. It was just a sentence, and all it really did was compare base stats, which aren't really a good thing to use to determine which is better out of two Pokemon. You're completely disregarding things like abilities; for example, Slaking has base stats well over 600, but it's bad because of its ability.
- http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/36177/rmt-electric-mono?show=36204#a36204 and http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/36189/ou-sand-team-courtesy-of-mike?show=36203#a36203 A sentence or two with just one suggestion can be made as a comment. Comments are are better for shorter responses like these ones since they don't clutter the main page.
Hopefully I cleared that up a little for you. If you have any more questions leave a comment or a message on my wall, I'm happy to help :)
All of that a Fizz receives a "Thanks" o3o
Can't upvote comments, what are they supposed to do? Give them a medal? a cookie? >.>
Fizz deserves all the cookies.All of them.
*Gives Fizz ALL the cookies ALL of them.*
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This one wasn't actually hidden, just never approved, and I was wondering why. I don't have an actual link, since it was never on the database, but it was 'We should have a Nuzlocke thread' or something of that nature. Why wasn't it approved? It was a perfectly legitimate question, as legitimate as the one about Nickname threads, and nothing came up when I searched for it. I'm sure there's a legitimate reason, but I'm still wondering what that is. Thanks.

answered Aug 1 by Alpha Burn
What exactly is a "Nuzlocke thread"?
Somewhere you can post your own customizable rules for a nuzlocke challenge. For people can or don't want to think of their own nuzlocke rules, and don't want to use the original. And people who just want to share.
you can share Nuzlock ideas in the chat room
A nuzlocke thread would be kinda useless. Like Terlor said, if you want to share things, just ask other people. Either in chat, walls or Showdown, we have plenty of ways. A thread would take long amounts of time to load, and people can very easily just go 'Hey, what's a nuzlocke?" if they really need help, and there are loads of other sites with descriptions and  ideas, or just stop being lazy and use some imagination. . It was disapproved  probably because it's a bit useless and unpratical.
Though honestly I'd still love a nickname thread. xD
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answered Aug 3 by Mr. Mewtwo
No in game team questions. There are plenty of options available, pretty much all of them work in the games. Competitive Pokemon actually follows a set of rules, which makes for a more limited game where the most helpful Pokemon is clear. The presence of Reshiram on your team also tells me you're completed the game, which makes it even more unnecessary since there really isn't any goal or reason to change anything. If you are using the team for online/competitive battles, post the team on the Battle Subway section along with each of their moves, items, EVs, etc.
Leave a comment or a post on my wall if you're still confused or have any queries regarding this. I'll help you out!
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Someone named &Psychicx hid my post (http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/210501/does-the-pokerus-work-in-super-training) for no reason....I even checked for similar posts or identical ones but nothing came up.

answered Aug 15 by Kawaii Raichu
edited Aug 15 by JackZero
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why was my question hidden? there were other questions similiar to this but my question asked for the weakest pokemon based on movepool, abilities, and stats, etc

answered Aug 20 by Toxicroak
I don't know why, but in case you care Jwittz did a great video on this.
Magikark and sunkern would probably be the answers.
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I just asked a question about Vigoroth. Some people say it's bad, then an Annoymous comes and hides it! AN ANNOYMOUS!

answered 1 day ago by FrackzienDelphox
What was the actual question? Can you link to it by going through your history?
It was hidden because it received five flags. In case you didn't know, posts are automatically hidden after five people have flagged it.
I was the 5th flag in case you want to kill me.
Yay, lets kill Se--
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Ninja hid my question.Why Ninja,why?

answered 1 day ago by <|Skymin|>
Probably 'cos it's a duplicate question, or annoying question, or something along those lines.
The forums question.

Theyre useless and do not contribute to the site.  The way people see it is that youre just point grubbing.
I  only wanted to know.