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Is there a way to select best answer without it saying "selected by _________"?

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On the above question I saw my answer had been selected. I thought chaitrak changed his ba but turns out this wasn't the case. While mine was best answer, there was nothing that said "selected by ________" which I just assumed meant you got rid of the thing finally. So either a glitch of the site or someone found a way to select best answer without it saying +selected by _________".

Sorry I couldn't give you the the actual thing, chaitrak rechanged best answer. Hopefully my word will be all you need to find out stuff if you don't already know.

asked Aug 22, 2012 by trachy
I think it should not say who BAed it.

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I did reset some stuff last week, which was related to that, so it's possible that removed the "selected by..." text.

answered Aug 22, 2012 by Pokemaster
selected Aug 22, 2012 by trachy
Doesn't look like it.