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If possible, perhaps get rid of the limits for moderators?

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So get rid of the questions in an hour limit, the votes per hour limit (I think this one is the most important, as I've run into trouble with this when countering duplicate account upvotes), and the limit on answers and comments per hour (I forget if these were in place) if any. Only for moderators though.

You don't have to worry about spamming bad questions.
We downvote for the right reasons.
We give excellent answers.
And we have to comment a lot telling people their question is against the rules or somewhere there is a mistake (we could just hide, but then the asker never learns).

Of course, if this is not possible to do, then I completely understand.

asked Sep 8, 2012 by trachy
I like this idea.

1 Answer

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It's not possible currently. And most of it is not necessary, do you really ever need to ask more than a few questions EVERY HOUR?

As for "countering duplicate account upvotes" please don't do that. I just had to remove all the downvotes you gave to Bonsai* after I removed his spam upvotes. Just post in the banned thread and I can remove the upvotes.

answered Sep 12, 2012 by Pokemaster