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A RMT Template to save loads of time

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When someone is trying to do a RMT question it takes them for ever i am right in saying?
So i was think how about an RMT template it could look a little bit like this:

(Name) @ (Item)

Trait: (Ability)

EV's: (EVs)

(Something) Nature (+ (Stat), - (Stat)

  • Move 1
  • Move 2
  • Move 3
  • Move 4

Of course it doesn't have to look exactly like this but i for one get really bored typing out an RMT question and i am sure other people do aswell.
Thanks in Advance

asked Oct 6, 2012 by Sciz
edited Oct 6, 2012 by Ninja
Most people just import teams
I suggested this a while back.
Why the down vote?
META Downvotes work differently. When someone doesn't like the idea, he downvotes.
I'm gonna up vote this. I have quit on like, 5 teams that could have been good, but I didn't have the time to type it.

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Mainly answering here to take the question off the unanswered list ;)

But nice job, we can leave this question here, should be easily finable by searching for "RMT template" or "Battle Subway template" or something.

answered Oct 20, 2012 by Pokemaster
selected Nov 14, 2012 by Sciz