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What happened to the DB server?

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i was on the server list in showdown and wanted to check on the db server but it wasn't there. What happened?

asked Mar 24, 2013 by A Very Nice Guy
Hmm.you are correct. Try asking sciz later. but for now..


You have that (if it works)
Idk, sometimes it isn't listed. Some glitch i think. Best thing to do is to go onto this website, go to sciz's post and use that link. It'll always work :D

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Ok, hadn't realised it but i know why its happened.
So you know how i posted about Showdown having a host problem here?
Well Showdown no longer run on CloudFlare. They now run on DreamHost if I remember correctly.
So basically the whole of showdown got reset. Meaning the home page got wiped.
To resolve this Me / HF / Ninja need to talk to Zarel or Cathy to get it added back onto main.
I'll PM Zarel / Cathy after this post.

EDIT: I PM'd Zarel and he put it back up. Thanks for pointing that out.

answered Mar 24, 2013 by Sciz
edited Mar 24, 2013 by Sciz