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Why cant I answer questions?

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I have had some pretty good answers for some questions on Pokébase but every time I tap the button to answer a question on my DS screen it wont let me. Have I been banned? if I have been banned why?

asked Sep 4, 2013 by TERKOIZ
You haven't been banned. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to ask questions either.
Dat logic though...
It'll be to do with the site updating and the DS (Especially the DSi)'s formats not being able to cope with the site.
Nevermind, I found out there were two answer buttons myself. :3

1 Answer

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You can answer questions and have two answers already (as seen here).

It could be something to do with the DS, the browser on it is pretty old. I thought it would still submit posts though, I'll have to check into it.

answered Sep 4, 2013 by Pokemaster