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Suggestion: new section on "Type" page with the dual-type combinations still missing.

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I love the feature in the Dual-type page, it is very instructive, specially where you show the combinations with the least and the most weaknesses.
Besides that, every time a new generation is coming, we all wonder what dual-types not explored will finally show up.
So my suggestion is to make a section on each Type page, maybe below the "Notable Type Trainers", with "Dual-type combinations with this type still missing" and the list.

For example, "Dual-type combinations with Fire still missing" and below the list with "Water/Fire; Grass/Fire; Electric/Fire; Ice/Fire; Poison/Fire and so on".

It would be really nice.

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1 Answer

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Funny enough, I made this image a little while back, with unused types (as well as types only used on legendaries or alternate forms).

I may update it and add it to the type page after all the Gen 6 Pokemon are confirmed. Until then, you can find out the information quite easily on the dual type chart page - click the button at the top and look at which rows have 0 in the PKMN column.

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