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What are you going to do about the X and Y sprites?

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I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I'm curious. Are you making custom sprites? Or are you just going to put the official artwork?

asked Oct 10, 2013 by LeDragónTamer

1 Answer

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I know that Smogon has been creating sprites to add to Showdown, so I may simply use those. Serebii posted images captured direct from the game which aren't too bad but they might be too big:

They also seem to be bad quality currently (Pangoro is dotty).

Feel free to post any suggestions :)

answered Oct 10, 2013 by Pokemaster
Okay. I was wondering if you were going to do the same thing.
Make it another DB activity. I posted some of my sprites on that Smogon thread. Im sure other people would like to have a go out helping the DB again.
The Smogon sprites are really good looking, so it would be nice to use those :)
Hey I'm new here, I dunno if this is helpful or not, it might even be irrelevant. But this guy is capturing these really good quality models from the game that could be used as GIFs for the sprite section of this site.