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Extend the ability to close questions to other users.

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We've been getting a deluge of posts that get rejected because people answer posts that already have a sufficient answer to them from over a year ago.

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Which is why he suggested removing the BA and BA'ing the better on :P
By better do you mean more accurate or just spiffier with useless information and big words?
"This is your chink in the metaphorical armor.
On some occasions, an answer comes along that is much better than the current BA. With your idea, the answer wouldn't even go through and the bad BA remains a bad BA..."

"If it's something that shouldn't be BA, then we can remove BA, comment, flag, or whatever to correct the situation."

It's almost as if I set a qualifier on that statement! Like I knew that that situation could have potential problems?
The only flaw in this is questions that has an answer that needs to be BA'd.
E.g., tournament pages, the Database stories thread etc..
Then you can simply have someone open the post after BAing it, assuming the software allows for that. You bring up a good point though.

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