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Why are there so many incomplete teams on the RMT?

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Most posts have 4 or 5 Pokemon, but I thought you had to have 6.

Isn't it rate my team, not make my team?

asked Mar 10, 2014 by Distortion Keeper
Because you touch turtles inappropriately.
:o The poor turtles.

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The RMT is the least active section for answering and the second most active for asking.
You work it out.
Plus answering RMTs takes a lot of thought and time and so users don't bother.
Another reason is the team is just OP and no changes could be suggested. In that case the question becomes "closed" so to speak.

answered Mar 10, 2014 by Sciz
selected Mar 10, 2014 by Distortion Keeper
Ok, I was just wondering