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Is there a time limit to how long before you can't delete your own posts of another user's wall?

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Just wondering?

I've posted on some users walls and it's allowed me to delete the posts even after a few days, however I've also posted on other user's walls and sometimes it's disallowed me to delete them after a few hours!

So it there a time limit or something else to this?

asked Mar 13, 2014 by Sir Dan
edited Mar 13, 2014 by Sir Dan

1 Answer

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No time limit only when another user has posted after you.

answered Mar 13, 2014 by $tarPower
selected Mar 13, 2014 by Sir Dan
Ah, okay thanks :)
I assume it doesn't count if I post over myself and no else posts since my last post?
What I mean is if I post on a user's wall, no one else posts on it, then I post on it again in an hour or so, it still let's me delete the previous post since it was from me?
I'm guessing that the case since I was able to delete all my posts on dr dude's wall before Ion posted on it :P
Thanks Star :)
Yeah that's the case and sorry for the late reply >.< anyway you're welcome :)