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Member for: 2 years (since May 19, 2012)
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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom → England
Favorite Pokémon: I have many but overall Mewtwo (orginal), I hate the Mega's totally ruined Mewtwo.
Friend Codes: Alpha Sapphire: 3582 - 9366 - 6543

I don't play on Showdown anymore for a number of reasons, however I still do go on the DB Server, even though it's very rarely. Because I'm almost never on, don't expect me to know who you are, unless you have a common username, that I've seen before. I feel very awkward talking on the Server because I tend not to know who the hell everyone is. So if you want to talk to me, talk to me either on the DB or via private message on the DB Server. If I don't talk or seem to ignore you, don't take it personally, it's most likely because I'm thinking "who the f*** is this guy?".
About me: Basic Information:

Name: Just call me Dan, that's my name in real life and that's what I'm known by on the site.

Age: I'm 19, not that you really needed to know my age.

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Pokémon Information:

Favourite Pokémon Region: Kanto and Hoenn
Favourite Pokémon Game: Kanto and Hoenn games.
(ORAS is the best Pokémon game of all time though!)

BATTLING & CONDITIONS - I only battle on the 3DS, so don't ask me if I want a battle on Showdown because the answers going to be... no! I play by the tiers and rules set by Smogon, so if you want to battle me and don't play by Smogon's standards, then you can find another player to battle as far as I'm concerned. I play UU, OU and Ubers.

For information on these tiers, copy and paste the URL of the tier you want to know about below in the address bar and press "enter".


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If you aren't, I'd highly recommend picking up Death Parade.
17 hours ago by Ninja
Are you watching any of this season's anime?
1 day ago by Ninja
Ready to trade
6 days ago by &Psychic x
Sounds great. I'll be in the server any time you want to battle.
6 days ago by Sir_Mudkip