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Member for: 2 years (since May 19, 2012)
Type: Expert
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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom → England
Favorite Pokémon: I have many but overall Mewtwo (orginal), I hate the Mega's totally ruined Mewtwo.
Friend Codes: Alpha Sapphire: 3582 - 9366 - 6543
About me: Basic Information:

Name: Just call me Dan, that's my name in real life and that's what I'm known by on the site.

Age: I'm 19, not that you really needed to know my age.

Music: I listen to a range of different types of music, but I especially like Metal, Rock, Trance and OST's from Film's, Anime's and TV Programmes I like.

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Wall Posts:

I delete the content on my wall every so often and it very rarely exceeds one page. I delete posts after they've served their purpose, or when I feel they're outdated. Some posts get deleted straightaway though if I don't like them e.g. posts containing bio art, users who post "first", users who post spam etc.

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Pokémon Information:

Favourite Pokémon Region: Kanto and Hoenn
Favourite Pokémon Game: Kanto and Hoenn games.
ORAS is the best Pokémon game of all time though!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Additional Information about me:

Anime and Manga Fan - Currently have an Anime Watch List consisting of over a 100 Anime's and an Anime Movie List consisting of over 50 Anime Movies.

I'm nihilistic, my viewpoint on life is that it is completely pointless.

I would class myself as a lone wolf; I'm independent and don't rely on anyone other than a few close family members; I'm extremely anti-social and tend to only socialize with people when I have to (internet and gaming people don't count); I live my live in solitude (seriously I'm not exaggerating when I say "I live my life in solitude", I barely leave my house at all and I don't keep in contact with anyone).

I have a distinct hatred towards humanity, not because of environmental issues, but because the majority of people I meet are fucking arseholes! I'd say I like animals more than people, but I'm afraid that would be a lie, as I don't prefer all animals over people, however I definitely like Cats and Dogs more than people.

I'm cynical and as a result I tend not to trust other people so well.

Other words to describe myself: Relaxed, Quiet, Lazy, Negative and Depressed. Even though I hate people and live my life in solitude, when I have to communicate with people I am a Polite and Kind person. Although, I don't particularly like communicating with people... what can I say I'm a man of few words.

Religion? I class myself as an Agonistic. For those of you that don't know the definition of Agonistic it's "a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God". I feel as though no one can prove or disprove if a God really exists, therefore it's pointless to argue over whether one may or may not exist. To be honest I class myself as an Agonistic for the above reason, but I couldn't give a fuck!

I will probably never again change my name on this site, I'm content with the name I've currently got "Sir Dan". Besides I don't approve of users changing their usernames for every single username changes and posting their new name on the Meta thread, in an attempt to get points.

Activity by Sir Dan

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Questions: 11 (8 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 29 (9 chosen as best)
Comments: 224
Voted on: 35 questions, 138 answers
Gave out: 155 up votes, 18 down votes
Received: 89 up votes, 8 down votes

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Lol I've never actually talken to you before
5 days ago by silverdragon
How are you ?
5 days ago by silverdragon
Hello :D
6 days ago by silverdragon
Lol thank you :) Glaceon and Vulpix are one of my fave Pokes so yeah
6 days ago by LeafeonLol
Hey Dan,

Just saying I'm leaving DB for like forever. I am starting to get off Pokemon and starting to play other games. Just wanna say you were a good friend and stuff like that :D
6 days ago by Mr Gamaken
Aw man your Grav is kawaii!
Dec 12 by LeafeonLol
Sorry, but I can't see that happening I'm afraid :l

I only talk to a few people when I am on the server and every time I am on those few people always say I should go on more often, but when I do go on, the majority of the time they're either AFK, not talking or not online completely, so yeah...
Dec 11 by Sir Dan
You should come to the server more often after Christmas imo.
Dec 11 by Sir_Mudkip
I haven't really been active lately and I probably won't be up until Monday the 22nd of December, as I have been rather busy as of late and will continue to remain busy up until the 22nd. However since it's Christmas three days after the 22nd, I may not return to being fully active until after Christmas, depending on certain circumstances. The 22nd is the very minimum you can expect to see me back and a regular member of the site again. Until then I will most likely be on in small amounts if not at all.
Dec 11 by Sir Dan
Time to bring back last years Christmas Gravatar.
Dec 11 by Sir Dan