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Can't get on DB server

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Everytime I try to go there, it doesn't "connect"
It's been happening to me for the past few days

asked Apr 24, 2014 by Generekt
I was able to get on recently.
I'm not :(
For now go to scraf's server: silverwind.psim.us
Yep, that has been happening to me aswell
doing this pointless comment to say me too
Me too

1 Answer

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It's Down atm. It should be back in a little bit of time but there was a bug that killed the server. Once its fixed and pokemaster restarts, it should be back.

answered Apr 24, 2014 by CWegz
selected Apr 25, 2014 by Generekt
Aww, so thats it. I thought it only happened to me.