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Answer Write Off's getting a bit out of hand

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Could someone tell Ilikebugs about how we aren't supposed to Re-answer unless we're adding more information?

I think it would sound slightly rude coming from me since I answered that Question Already, and because Speed Freak's Answer should've been a comment, but it got upvoted anyway...


asked Jul 26, 2011 by Josh
I did give more information which is why I answered.
This one wasn't exactly pointed at you but more at Ilikebugs, being a new user I don't think he completely understood the concept,

And you said,

" like EJ-98 said - ( Stating Yeah, he was right ) you can see ferroseed,( Yep Covered That )  who is found in the Chargestone cave ( Okay, this was your added info, and I believe Dt edited out a part about you saying you would post a link, ( Correct me if i'm wrong ) But that was pretty much it, One piece of info, which as I said, You should've just commented.
Not a big deal though, just saying.

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If you see posts like that, add a polite comment explaining that they didn't need to post, because they didn't add anything. Mods may come along and hide posts some time later.

answered Jul 27, 2011 by Pokemaster
Yeah, I know what you mean, I just thought it would sound slightly rude to a new user considering I had already answered.