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Suggestion: Make it so Moderators and Editors can edit the Home Page.

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Lately, I've noticed the Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire page gets updated with major news faster than the Home Page. Of course, Pokemaster is busy and can't always work on the site. So my suggestion is that Pokemaster simply leave it to his trusted Moderators and Editors to update it for him.

Another example is clear on the home page - the Vivillion news came weeks ago, yet Pokemaster posts the news five days before the event ends. He even points it out himself. I'm not blaming Pokemaster; he has a life. But all the Moderators, Editors and Pokemaster can't be doing something all at the same time.

asked Jul 25 by Victini Victory
edited Jul 26 by Victini Victory
Making the home page like a forum for Mods? I saw this: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/35233/comment-section-on-news-page?show=35233#q35233 too which would be nice and Pokemaster said he thought of that for a while. But that was last year

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