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I cant Find my Question

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I looking for my First team Question that included

Musharna,Archeops,Serperior,Emboar,Samurott,I forgot the last can you please Find it

Its not hidden

I looked for 20 minutes with no luck

asked Aug 24, 2011 by RedPikachu
retagged Sep 5, 2012

1 Answer

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Yeah, it defintally Got hidden.

Look Here
To see pretty much every question you've ever made.

Make sure in the future, your questions have.

6 pokemon
All 4 moves on every pokemon
Items for every pokemon
Nature's for Every pokemon
Roles / Ev's / All Stats for Every Pokemon
And Are decently clear as to what you want help with, or if you just want general suggestions.

answered Aug 24, 2011 by Josh
It was there!!!!!