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Something wrong in Chat?

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When I'm on chat and users post on chat, it always says "a day ago" For example:

a day ago Hey ~-~WILL~-~, pikamaster555, J98, and Chaos Watermelon
a day ago Woah, every suddenly came on
a day ago hello
a day ago do you know the one for white
a day ago NP
a day ago it wored thanks :D
a day ago I changed it, try now
a day ago it didnt work though

These posts were within 1 hour, but they say a day ago.

Is there something wrong?

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Hmm, can you check again and let me know if it's working now? I think it may have been a temporary issue with daylight savings time (our clocks went back last night). The server time is perfectly fine and it's working OK for me.

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No, its been like that ever since I started using Chat. Maybe my browser or something?
It could be a computer setting. Is your PC set to the correct time and date?
Yep, it says the same thing.