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What What What is is is a a a good good good moveset moveset moveset for for for Venusaur Venusaur Venusaur

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We have 3 questions entitled What is a good moveset for Venusaur. All were asked about a year ago.

http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/7692/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-venusaur (This one has the most answers)

The last two only have 3 answers. I would suggest either changing the names of the last two or removing them or moving the answers from them to the first one and then deleting them.

asked Nov 21, 2011 by Speed freak
edited Nov 21, 2011 by Speed freak
Frog..Plant..thing.. Dance Number :D
Great idea!

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Good point! Yeah I think the first one you listed should be the main question. So here's some notice for trachy, Swamert, PB-10, mblinginballer and some guy called Pokemaster: if you want your answers to survive, copy paste them onto the new main question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/7692/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-venusaur

answered Nov 23, 2011 by Pokemaster
Swampert not swamer :P
Yay! :D
Actually I said Swamert. So it's "Swampert not Swamert" not "Swampert not swamer" [head asplode]
One of hese still have'nt ben hidden
Is there only one? If so, it's ok...