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Ban Report - Do your part to help the site.

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Here is a place to report any serious wrongdoings- such as rule breaking- so that that person can be reviewed by the mods for a ban or warning. Please report people by explaining what they did; reporting a person with no evidence isn't going to get you anywhere. Only report people for doing the more serious things, such as using duplicate accounts, swearing, constant inappropriate image adding, that kind of thing. If someone is committing an offense that isn't as serious, such as mild spamming, just comment. If you are not reporting someone, don't comment on this page at all.

Remember, no joke reports and try to keep your posts civil.

Try to include chat logs (if needed) of the offenses when possible, although try to put them in a link rather then an image as images make the page run slow, eventually forcing us to delete past reports to stop the lag. We try to not delete the hidden posts of the ban report so that we have a database of offenses that we can refer to if somebody comes up on the ban report again, so having pictures and long chat logs can cause some eventual problems.

Be sure to add profile links. It does us moderators no good if profile links are not added as we do not enjoy digging through 20 point user pages to find one.

Useful links:

asked Dec 17, 2011 by trachy
edited Jan 18 by Ninja
Not ban worthy, maybe a warning.
Being a nuisance to others, throwing out an insult and admitting to trolling in the end.
That URL has the "x3" emoji in it
And who do they think the are?! only Speed Freak is allowed to spam pie.
Inb4 Speed freak's dupe.

5 Answers

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Amiable Angemon be crazy!
He went on a rant/randomness-stroke today, he then lashed out with cuss words and all caps on a new user that happened to have a similer name to another user.
He has been warned before.
(if you need an explanation about that new user [which isnt a dupe], let me know in the comments and ill edit it in)

answered Aug 4 by Kawaii Terlor
I'm not even gonna complain... .-.
bai angemon
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We believe that -[Protean~Froakie]- has a dupe

Screenshot 1 ~ Qwerty Zoom

"hey I am Sid13 speaking to Qwerty Zoom. Thanks for the bagon." He says that he is Sid13 in chat, and Sid13 isn't his old username. It is another account.


Can a mod check their IP?

answered Aug 2 by Viking Jofly
edited Aug 2 by Graveyard Shift
I'm thinking that this should actually be a comment or an edit on the other post xD, but I'm not completely sure, so I'll just clean it up and let someone else take the blame.
Protean Froakie has on his profile that Sid13 is his brother, however he has not posted on the siblings page.
I noticed this as well
I was to trade a pokemon to froakie, sid ended up answering which one lol
Same IP, but post on the siblings page. You have 3 days.
I've wrote on his wall telling him to post it or he'll get permanently banned.
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Yay more spam ads! This time chadosborn78 spammed a ton of questions with ads. I remember reporting another guy with a similar username for this kind of thing, so if anybody happens to find an account with "chadosborn" in its name then report it since it's probably a spambot.

Another spambot. Unrelated to the one already mentioned I think.

Another bot like the previous one, chadosborn80. This one made me chuckle though:

This shoe is very bright, right?

answered 6 days ago by ƒιzz
edited 3 days ago by ƒιzz
I thought the name was familiar.
Isn't it possible to just IP ban these people?
Yes, but they can easily pass that by making another account and using it on a different network that hasn't been blocked. That's why that flood of 80+ bots happened, they constantly made new accounts and connected to the site on IPs that weren't blocked.
Oh, that makes sense.
"Can precum ejaculation coming out of bulbourethral gland, May make a lady Pregnant?"
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Amiable Angemon was using all caps in chat and saying that Antwon Fed-Ex was doing something in a "dick way" about a circle/triangle game:
Screenshot 1: http://m.imgur.com/zrJI3ja
Screenshot 2: http://m.imgur.com/DTScboy

answered Aug 1 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
yep, this will be my first time being banned. i'll admit, that definitely is deserving of a ban.
At least you're not being pissy about it. I can respect that.
Woah the censor does not catch that word...?
the D word? Not sure why but it's not on the censor list.
Because chickens. (literal chickens)
1st warning. Further infractions will result in a ban.
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-[Protean~Froakie]- has spammed, I dunno if this is a major thing enough to report but I did anyway.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

answered Aug 1 by Qwerty Zoom
edited Aug 1 by Qwerty Zoom
Dat "how to take a screenshot" tab though
lol yes this scrubby keyboard didn't know xD
I thought he got banned?
Well, obviously he isn't banned.
1 warning. Ban next infraction.
Should I hide this then...?