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Give editors the ability to change usernames.

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We've proven ourselves trustworthy many times over. I doubt any of us is going to abuse this except on April Fools (in which case I might be the only editor to abuse this. :D) But this helps deal with usernames that contain profanity or are threats. This along with a previous suggestion I had to allow us to edit the profile pages of users, can allow us to comp[letely deal with banned users.

asked Dec 18, 2011 by trachy
This still seems a bit sketchy. The profanity in the usernames (buried in endless pages of users, mind you) haven't been a problem before, and the banned list is only visible to mods and Pokemaster. Giving people the ability to edit that much seems like a very bad idea, and just saying "they're trustworthy" isn't exactly a justification for it.

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Unfortunately I don't actually change usernames through the site like other functions. I need to do it directly in the database. However at some point I may get round to writing something to make it easier, at which point maybe I'll open it up to mods as well.

I did make a change so that usernames cannot contain profanity so that will at least solve that problem.

answered Dec 31, 2011 by Pokemaster